Ethical charter

All of Amarante associates are committed to respect the quality standards which have established Amarante's reputation: professional ethics, integrity, confidentiality and personal involvement.

  • Our Company activity is based on a set of values that forms the basis of our corporate culture
  • This charter thus serves as a general framework for contracts entered into by Amarante.
  • It is a guarantees of high quality and integrity in terms of services carried out for clients.

Our values enable us to build a long-term relationship of trust with our clients.

Because security is indispensable in terms of conducting business, appointing an external company is an act of trust requiring total transparency and complete loyalty.

Above all, Amarante International aims to operate long-term and develop sustainable relations with its clients, and it therefore systematically prioritises long-term solutions on the ground, being the only way that the Company can manage security effectively.


Our values are a reference point for Company managers and consultants.

Experts at Amarante International constitute the core of the Company's quality offering; they are known for their expertise, experience and commitment. On joining Amarante, they commit to a total adherence to the values that make up this charter and act as their guide, particularly when working under difficult conditions in crisis situations.


The values detailed below form the basis of our goals : gaining client trust and service excellence.

Open to new ideas and different points of view.


Professional Ethics

  • Total adherence to the principles laid out in the international literature governing international law: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the United Nations World Pact on Human Rights, Labour Rights and Environmental Conservation.
  • Commitment to the strictest confidentiality regarding any information to which our consultants may have access in the context of their assignment.
  • As a French Company, Amarante International does not refuse to work with international firms, but does not provide services that might come into conflict with French strategic interests.

Continuously striving towards customer service excellence.

  • Optimization of our knowledge and experience to best meet our client's expectations.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a relationship of complete trust and closeness with all of our clients.
  • Excellent quality of the services and documents we provide.
  • Continuously aiming to to combine a true strategic vision with our operational experience.
  • Strong mutual commitment between the company and its consultants.
  • Sustained ties and relations based on shared knowledge, trust and respect.

Total commitment to assignments.

  • Acknowledgement and capitalisation of the contribution of each member of the team.
  • Emphasis on training, sharing knowledge, cooperation and teamwork.
  • Respect of a proper balance between profession and personal life.
  • Favoring cultural diversity among our teams.

Respect for cultures and diversity.


  • Understanding requirements and local environments in order to find the most suitable solutions.
  • Strict adherence to the laws,customs and usage of the countries in which the consultants operate.Immersion in company culture for conducting assignments in foreign countries.
  • Promoting cultural diversity in our teams.